Employment Law

Wrongful Dismissals

Losing your job is incredibly stressful and overwhelming. The lawyers in our Employment Law group are well-versed in assisting employees during this difficult transition and work to ensure that you receive the resolution and compensation that is deserved.

A wrongful dismissal occurs when an employee is dismissed, or terminated, by their employer, but not given reasonable notice. Notice upon termination may be provided as working notice (meaning that you continue to work up until the date of your termination), severance pay in the form of salary continuance, and severance pay offered in one lump sum.

In Ontario, employers are generally allowed by law to terminate an employees contract as long as they first provide advance warning of an employee’s last day of work or severance in lieu of notice. However, while an employer can terminate an employment contract at any time, they do not have total freedom to do so.

In some cases, employers may argue to try and avoid paying an employee their full severance entitlements. Severance generally refers to the usual compensation the employee would have normally earned, including, base salary/wages, commissions, pension plan benefits, health benefits and stock options.

As every case is different and the law in this area is always context dependent, our experienced Employment lawyers will work to ensure you are aware of your rights and that you get the settlement you deserve.