Commercial and Civil Litigation Macdonald Sager

Mortgage Recovery

Our Mortgage Recovery team acts in both large and complex debt collection matters to enforce the rights of lenders and help to navigate the complex debt laws landscape.

Our team is experienced in debt collection actions, representing all different types of lenders and creditors seeking to collect. Using an array of strategies and tools, we aim to provide our clients with the optimum chance of recovering losses.

We keep our clients informed and in control by first advising on the prospect of recovery by conducting advanced searches on debtors, including prior bankruptcy filings, judgements, payment history, and asset searches, in order to assess the likelihood of recovery and enforcement. We understand the importance of securing a debtor’s assets and where needed, we will obtain injunctions and other emergency measures in order to protect the lender’s rights.

We understand the importance of swift, resourceful action where debt is involved and act quickly to secure assets and ensure debt matters are handled effectively.

With a specialty in Mortgage Recovery, our team acts for both institutional and private lenders. We take a hands-on approach to the entire process from the issuance of an initial demand up to and including evictions and powers of sale.

While we understand that no client wants to be involved in litigation, it is sometimes necessary in order to assert their rights or protect their interest. Disputes are not treated as files, but as unique business problems, to be resolved in the most creative and efficient manner. We always strive to achieve our clients’ goals in a manner that is both cost effective and results-oriented.

Our team has significant experience in representing our lender clients who are seeking financial recovery and can assist with a range of debt collection matters, including:

  • Mortgage recovery
  • Personal property security
  • Multi-jurisdictional debt matters
  • Enforcement of contractual debt

As a full-service firm, we are able to leverage the services offered by our Banking & Financial Services, Commercial & Residential Real Estate and Litigation teams when needed to provide our clients with a seamless client service experience.